Reconfigurable Furniture

Reconfigurable Furniture is a custom collection of public furniture created for the Phoenix Center for the Arts, a community-oriented arts organization located on the edge of Hance Park in Downtown Phoenix. The collection is designed to support the variety of public programming and events that the organization conducts in the park, including collective events such as poetry readings, artist lectures and performances, along with more intimate activities such as reading a book or just relaxing in the sun.

The pieces are built from light, modular units connected by fabric straps that allow the individual parts to each hinge around two possible axes—much like the traditional Jacobs Ladder childrens toy—providing the ability for one piece to take on multiple configurations. This flexibility, along with the possibilities of combining units together, accounts for the project’s capacity to create a nearly endless variety of configurations and spaces.

The larger intent of the project is to provide new ways of activating the spaces in and around the cultural institutions on Hance Park and engaging the public in the creation of these spaces through their ability to furnish them themselves.