Exhibition Design, Design Miami/

Over a period of seven years ArandaLasch designed the exhibition layout for Design Miami/ and evolved a singular design strategy: the Scatter. Almost every fair in the world is in a grid format and while the grid optimizes certain things it painfully constrains others. Variations in booth size, changes made over time, sightlines through the fair, and communal spaces are all important matters to exhibitors, organizers and sponsors alike. These are difficult to control with a classic grid. Instead, the Scatter layout gives Design Miami a flexible tool to attend to these concerns and a signature spatial feeling all their own.

The Scatter layout excels at keeping the visitor engaged. With its open corners, ambulatory paths and dramatic sight lines it provides an unfolding experience previously unavailable to fairs. For exhibitors, the Scatter is their tool to control exposure and orientation, for visitors it is less tiresome and repetitive. Over the years as the fair increased in size and complexity, Design Miami challenged ArandaLasch with even bolder and more varied Scatter environments. The mixture of programmed spaces within a loose spatial framework became Design Miami’s signature. In contrast to their Swiss counterparts at the art fair, the informal feeling of the Scatter is not just a new design ethos for fairs but also reflects the relaxed Floridian roots of Design Miami.

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    Miami, FL; Basel, Switzerland
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    Design Miami/
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    Eventstar, ExpoMobilia
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