Marli New York

For Marli New York’s global store expansion, ArandaLasch developed a material strategy to showcase their craft. Marli has a minimal, handcrafted aesthetic that combines their flawless jewels with fluid lines and contemporary detailing. The first store in New York established the store design strategy carried out across multiple locations globally.

A common theme within each store is a crafted vertical texture. It brings different materials together into a single spatial language; stone, wood, and glass all share varying scales of a vertical corrugation. The natural variation of these materials, along with the store size and location, determine how these vertical patterns adapt and generate new versions of a store design.

As with jewelry, the material textures in the store capture and reflect light in an animated way, establishing a spatial rhythm and imbuing every surface with added depth. The overarching design strategy for Marli stores is primarily a material one that provides the balance of color and light to highlight their jewelry.

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    New York, NY
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    Marli New York
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