The lens is a crucial and underappreciated part of our media-saturated world. And while our culture is obsessed with cameras and screens, and ultimately the media they create, the lens is where the story begins: the bending of light through a transparent material. The lens is a not just a symbol for how we experience our world, it is the very instrument that delivers it.

Originally developed for use in lighthouses, a Fresnel lens allows the construction of lenses of large aperture and short focal length without the large mass and volume required by a conventional lens design. It works by slicing a traditional lens into a series of concentric circles and projecting their curvature onto a flat plane.

Our Fresnel design allows objects behind the lens to be hidden. Lens making has traditionally been a craft of tedious labor and precision, requiring a series of steps in the casting, cutting and repeatedly polishing of glass. Following from this tradition, the Lens uses the latest advances in design, materials, and fabrication to craft something that was previously unattainable, milled from a clear resin capable of the resolution and clarity required by optical instruments.

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    with Marcelo Coelho