A development of the studio’s research into modularity through the novel language of arcs, Hoops pushes our own geometric exploration with a series of tangentially connected conical surfaces. At its foundation it is a study of spatial relationships; experienced from both interior and exterior perspectives. Its large and sinuous surfaces sweep together creating a structurally resilient bundle, where each surface finds strength in its neighbor. Much like an observatory, interior apertures draw expansive views inward, towards its center point. Each conical surface is oriented with its base in a different direction, meaning it has no designated front, yet it creates a sense of frontality with each window to its core. Hoops is the manifestation of individuals coming together to create a visually intriguing and unique moment of structural stability. This relationship, like any relationship intertwines narratives and figures with no single beginning or end.

Each surface is developed from a flat sheet material. Made of powder coated aluminum, integrated lights will illuminate the individual petals from the inside, out. Each petal will act as a soft and subtle beacon that will bring a visual playfulness when activated. The interior can also be designed to have a soft interior lighting that will create an intimate space with dimmable and indirect lighting sources coming from every interior surface edge.

  • Status
    Finalist, International Competition