Bali House

This residence is located within the Budidesa Art Park, designed into an existing field of rice paddies. The building serves as the residence of the Yuz Foundation with its collection animating the surrounding landscape.

The owner is both Indonesian and Chinese. This aspect of being of both inspired his collection to be about dialogue. He started the Yuz Foundation as a way to promote better understanding and exchange between China and Indonesia.

The residence too, bridges these two worlds. It combines two vernaculars: Indonesian and Chinese. In the Balinese House Compound each room is a separate small building arranged dynamically across the site. In the Chinese Courtyard House, rooms are adjacent to eachother and arranged symmetrically around a communal courtyard. The combination of these two vernaculars results in a system that adapts to both the local environment and the owner’s personal cultural background.


  • Location
    Bali, Indonesia
  • Year
  • Collaborators

    Designer: Aranda\Lasch

    Architect of Record: TBD