10-Mile Spiral

10-Mile Spiral is a proposal to build a gateway to Las Vegas through which you play slots, roulette, get married, see a show, have a carwash, and ride through a tunnel of love, all without ever leaving your car. It is a compact Vegas, enjoyed at 55 miles per hour and topped off by a towering observation ramp offering views of the entire valley floor below.

The problem of traffic congestion is a problem of perception. There is no way to prevent the incoming and outgoing flow of vehicles to Las Vegas but you can change how people perceive the time they spend on the road. As long as they keep moving they will not be bored or frustrated. We use this as an opportunity to build a gateway that decongests existing traffic while having a lot of fun, Vegas-style. Life moves a little faster but you won’t get there any sooner.

  • Location
    Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Year
  • Client
    First Place, Las Vegas Sign Competition, hosted by the Contemporary Arts Collective and the Desert Space Foundation
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