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Aranda/Lasch’s project “20 Bridges for Central Park” was mentioned in the New York Times’ review of the Out of Hand show at the Museum of Art and Design.
The project will be on display until July 6, 2014 at the Museum of Art and Design in New York City.

Rosenberg, Karen. “Excursions in a Digitally Fabricated Landscape”. New York Times, October 24, 2013. Review of MAD exhibition, Out of Hand, Materializing the Postdigital

Design Gallerist


Aranda/Lasch has been featured in an article by entitled “Cosmology*Aranda/Lasch”.




GalleristNY publishes review of ‘The Temptation of the Diagram’ at Andrea Rosen Gallery, organized by Matthew Ritchie. Pictured above is the diagram, Universal Tetrahedron #4 by Matthew Ritchie and Aranda\Lasch, 2008.



Continous Patterning

The Morning Line is the subject of a new tutorial by the University of Melbourne Controlling Data Structures: Visualisation, Path Objects and Matching demonstration series.

ex-Lab Studio Air

The Fox is Black


The Fox is Black features Aranda\Lasch, and particularly the Creator’s Project feature on Aranda\Lasch in an online article entitled “Aranda\Lasch Builds Crystals, Infinite Variation, and Practie on the Edges of Architecture”.



Study for a wall.


Modern Primitives

FENDI and Aranda\ Lasch’s project “Modern Primatives”

Marshall Macluhan

We are moving out of the world of data classification and into the world of pattern recognition.

— Marshall Macluhan




The Art Deco Project is featured in Cultured Magazine.

David Sokol. “Designing the District”. Cultured Magazine, Winter 2012, 84