The New York Times

Another Circle featured in article about Exhibit Columbus in The New York Times:

“That people have vastly different interpretations of art and design was not lost on Mr. Aranda. “One of the most interesting things about doing the project here is that it’s deeply divided politically — it’s purple,” he said. “You have to shoot for a universal message, and that’s more challenging.”

The atomization of the elements in “Another Circle” seemed to reflect the trajectory of design — and the rest of the culture — since the days of soaring, confident, Saarinen-style modernism.

As Mr. Aranda put it: “The world is broken. What do we do with the pieces?””

Loos, Ted. “Columbus, Ind., Renews Its Big Design Legacy” The New York Times. 19 August 2017, Accessed 18 August 2017.