Wynwood Edible Forest

Welcome to the Wynwood Edible Forest. In here you can eat everything: fruits from the trees, greens from the bowls, vegetables from the ground. It is an Edible Forest, managed to be seasonal, evolving and sustainable. The Edible Forest promotes health and well being. It shares knowledge through plants. It keeps people involved and creates an awareness of the environment and the world around us.

Wynwood is a Food Desert. The USDA characterizes food deserts as low access neighborhoods that lack grocery stores within a 1 mile proximity for urban residents. One way to solve the problem of a Food Desert? Plant a Food Forest.

A Food Forest is a way to grow things that mimics the natural relationships between plants in a forest. The 5 Rules of Urban Foraging create five zones to transform an empty lot into an Edible Forest for Wynwood.

1. Gathering is the best way to discover your city.

2. Tasting is learning.

3. Indulging is your best guide.

4. Healing is eating right.

5. Teaching is easy with food.

We followed the Permaculture “obtain and yield” approach, in that every plant has a gainful purpose. These purposes include yielding fruit, having native species, benefitting soil and pollination, and overall inspiring education.

We used these five lessons from foraging to create five zones within the edible forest. Each one is marked by a unique architectural element.

1. Tasting at the Amuses-Bouches

2. Gathering at the Salad Dome

3. Indulging at the Fruit Platter

4. Healing at the Medicine Bench

5. Teaching and Learning at the Vegetable Patch

These are the five steps of a forager’s journey. So come inside and eat your way through the Wynwood Edible Forest.

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    Miami, Florida
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    Metro 1
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    Invited Competition
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    Tiffany Noe
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