Log Cabin

Resurrecting an old log cabin that once occupied the site but had burned down in a fire is the starting point of this project for a mountain lodge. The construction of a log cabin is a serial operation of cutting trees and then stacking them. What would happen if this order were reversed—stack first, then cut?

It is surprising how much the log can offer. By cutting after stacking, the tree’s rings take center stage, and their structural potential through adjacency is released at the same time as their capacity to change shape – from circle to ellipse to bar. The potential of this mountain lodge prototype lies in revealing the tree through building and vice versa.

  • Location
    Palisade Glacier, California
  • Year
  • Client
    Finalist, Palisade Glacier Mountain Hut Competition hosted by the Wiener Family Fund and the National Park Service
  • Collaborators
    Todd Wilcox
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