ArchDaily anounces new Drawing Codes exhibition at Cooper Union

“The exhibition will feature 24 experimental drawings by firms such as Aranda\Lasch, Höweler + Yoon, and Outpost Office. The artists were challenged by the curators to consider at least one concept that expands on the notion of “code” in design and representation. A strict set of rules was enforced, including black and white media, and limiting the drawing to two dimensions.”

Niall Patrick Walsh, “Exhibition Images explore how Coding can Impact Architectural Representation.” ArchDaily. 3 January 2019, Accessed 3 January 2019.


Valextra Bal Harbour store is featured in Dezeen.

“Valextra is rooted in its Milanese history, the detailing of their products is unparalleled in its execution, they are sophisticated in their understatement but at the same time sensual in their colours and patterns.”

Eleanor Gibson, “Milanese palazzos inform Valextra’s Miami store by Aranda\Lasch.” Dezeen. 2 January 2019, Accessed 2 January 2019.

Architect Newspaper Award

Valextra stores receives Honorable Mention from The Architect’s Newspaper for the 2018 Best of Design Award for Interior — Retail

Editors, “2018 Best of Design Awards winners for Interior — Retail.” The Architects Newspaper. 14 December 2108, Accessed 14 December 2018.

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest features the Valextra Bal Harbour store.

“We really wanted to channel that Milanese heritage, and so we started looking at the streetscape in that city, and we found that there are these very interesting transitional spaces in Milan, especially in the palazzos… The transition from the street to the domestic interior is through these really beautiful thresholds, which are immaculately detailed with stone.”

Keller, Hadley. “Aranda\Lasch Creates a Kaleidoscopic Riff on Italian Palazzos for Valextra’s Latest Store.” Architectural Digest.  13 November 2018, Accessed 13 November 2018.


Sarasota Museum of Art Lecture

Chris Lasch and artist Terrol Dew Johnson give a talk at the Sarasota Museum of Art titled, Reimagining Ancient Beauty.

Chris Lasch of design studio Aranda\Lasch and Terrol Dew Johnson, artist and co-founder of Tohono O’odham Community Action (TOCA), collaborated to produce a collection of experimental baskets and woven constructions that engage the traditional art of basket weaving while extending that tradition through new methods. The collaboration explores algorithmic design as a continuum stretching from the latest computer-aided techniques in design and architecture, back through the creative traditions of one of the world’s oldest art forms: weaving and basketry. Come join us as Lasch and Johnson share insights on the work and their decade-long collaboration that re-imagines an ancient material practice within the contemporary world. Thursday 26 October 5:30pm

Sarasota Museum of Art Lecture

Chris Lasch lectures at the Sarasota Museum of Art with Aaron Betsky in TOWARDS EXPERIMENTAL ARCHITECTURE.
The School of Architecture at Taliesin is an academic community where students learn by experimentation to figure out how we can make our built environment more sustainable, open, and beautiful. Join Aaron Betsky and Chris Lasch of the School of Architecture at Taliesin as they trace the origins of experimental design education and where it might lead in the future. Thursday 25 October 6pm

Valextra Interview

Our interview with the incomparable Valextra. Such an incredible brand.

“We are inspired by the world and its lack of easy solutions. We use design to ask questions. Designing has allowed us to set up a discovery process that opens us up to new ideas, we see where they take us, we are honest about our prejudices.”



GSAPP Lecture

Designing in Miami is a panel at GSAPP with our favorite architects presenting their built work in Miami’s design and arts districts, while discussing the role of architecture in shaping the design and cultural development of Miami. Fri, Sep 28 1pm Video

Benjamin Aranda (’99 M.Arch) and Joaquin Bonifaz, Aranda\Lasch
Gustavo Berenblum (’91 MSAAD) and Claudia Busch (’91 MSAAD), Berenblum Busch Architects
Dominic Leong (’03 MSAAD), Leong Leong, and Assistant Adjunct Professor, GSAPP
Hilary Sample, MOS Architects, and Associate Professor, GSAPP
Dan Wood (‘92 M.Arch), WORKac, and Adjunct Associate Professor, GSAPP
In conversation with Terence Riley (’82 MSAUD), K/R Architects

Pratt Lecture

Benjamin Aranda lectures at Pratt on Thursday, September 20 at 6pm in Higgins Hall Auditorium for the inaugural Pratt Sessions lecture this fall—part of the School of Architecture Lecture Series:

We are pleased to welcome Benjamin Aranda from Aranda\Lasch and Dwayne Oyler and Jenny Wu from the Oyler Wu collaborative to continue our discussion on New Architectural Mediums. Aranda and Oyler Wu are firms with numerous trajectories of practice ranging from architectural design to product design and collaborations with fine artists. Each has been similarly lauded, included in seminal exhibitions. They are both actively building and are committed educators. They represent an increasingly vibrant strain of architectural practice which affords a multitude of formats for exploring and discovering one’s “Project.” They are brought together in the Pratt Sessions series due their mutual and overlapping interests in drawing: its aesthetics and its practices. Ultimately, their work questions the extent to which we still “draw” and opens up new modalities of understanding the medium of drawing.


Archinect features Trace Elements:

“Benjamin Aranda said, “The making of a book—like the making of a building—imposes a striking finality, or decisions that one needs to commit to. I think that’s why architects love making books, it’s a kind of rehearsal”

Aranda\Lasch’s success in assembling this title to convey their values and inspiration in an utterly unpretentious and accessible manner is a testament to their roots as a process-based practice.”

Cecchi, Nick. “Aranda\Lasch’s ‘Trace Elements’ Outlines the Seeds of Their Design Process.” Archinect. 10 April 2018. Accessed 10 April 2018

Architects Newspaper

Sam Lubell from Architect’s Newspaper writes about our project Window to the Heart

“The result was a mesmerizing piece, which abstracted, amplified, and bent the crazy, colorful lights and images of Times Square.”

Lubell, Sam. “A giant 3-D printed lens took Times Square by storm.” Archinect. 26 April 2018. Accessed 26 April 2018


Quartz covers Exhibit Columbus.

“Another Miller Prize-winning installation, called Another Circle, is presented in a grassy knoll at Columbus’s main public park. From afar, the shrapnels of limestone look like a contemporary Stonehenge or perhaps an avant-garde graveyard. Architects Benjamin Aranda and Chris Lasch used a GPS device to choose the precise spot of each stone and allowed artisans to decide on the shapes. The result, they explain, creates an assortment of seats, stools and picnic tables for park goers”

Quito, Anne. “A tiny town in Indiana is a must-see mecca of mid-century modern design.” Quartz. 3 September 2017. Accessed  5 September 2017


The New York Times

Another Circle featured in article about Exhibit Columbus in The New York Times:

“That people have vastly different interpretations of art and design was not lost on Mr. Aranda. “One of the most interesting things about doing the project here is that it’s deeply divided politically — it’s purple,” he said. “You have to shoot for a universal message, and that’s more challenging.”

The atomization of the elements in “Another Circle” seemed to reflect the trajectory of design — and the rest of the culture — since the days of soaring, confident, Saarinen-style modernism.

As Mr. Aranda put it: “The world is broken. What do we do with the pieces?””

Loos, Ted. “Columbus, Ind., Renews Its Big Design Legacy” The New York Times. 19 August 2017, Accessed 18 August 2017.

Chicago Architecture Biennial

Terrol Dew Johnson and Chris Lasch interviewed for a Chicago Architecture Biennial article about the upcoming basket exhibit.

“In everything that I try to do on a personal and professional level, I always bring along the idea of cultural revitalization. I always try to work towards opportunities that will benefit the work that I do in the community,” said Johnson. “I’m grateful that Aranda\Lasch understood that I was more than just a basket-weaver and wanted to use this as a tool to educate people who will probably never ever set foot on the reservation where I live.”

Shaw, Leo and Huang, Eric. “Reinventing basket-weaving traditions to sustain Native culture and community” Chicago Architecture Biennial Blog. 17 April 2017, Accessed 18 August 2017.