Benjamin Aranda lectures at FIU Architecture School in Miami on February 23, 2016.

FIU Architecture

Metropolis Magazine

A collection of materials used by Aranda\Lasch appeared on Metropolis Magazine.

Calcott, Nicholas and Rakowski, Kelly. “Desert Digital.” Metropolis Magazine, February 2017, pp.84-85.

Metropolis Magazine

Wired Magazine

Sam Lubell, “The New York architecture firm Aranda Lasch worked with Native American artist Terrol Dew Johnson to create Meeting the Clouds Half Way, a series of elegant coiled and woven structures that combine traditional materials like straw, grass, steel, copper, and horsehair with contemporary techniques like CNC milling.”

Meeting the Clouds Halfway featured in Wired Magazine Design section.  January 27, 2017


Volume Gallery

Announcing our upcoming exhibition Coil & Cloud at Volume Gallery opening February 25th in their new space!

Basket Weaving Workshop

On January 7th, students and families from Sells and Tucson, AZ, were invited to join award winning local basket weaver Terrol Dew Johnson in a hands-on learning experience as part of the current MOCA exhibition Meeting the Clouds Halfway. Participants learned about the traditional and contemporary Native American craft of basket weaving during a two-day workshop. Supported by the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.

Terrol Dew Johnson

MOCA Tucson


Creators Project


“How to conjure something from the desert, how to hold tradition from one generation to the next but still invent, and how to demand beauty from a demanding context.”

DJ Pangburn, “Native American Spiral Baskets Inspire an Architectural Art Installation,” November 26 2016

Creators Project

Architect’s Newspaper, Interior Design


Aranda\Lasch wins competition to design furniture for the Chipakata school in Zambia by 14+ Foundation.

Olivia Martin, “Aranda/Lasch wins competition to design furniture for 14+ Foundation’s Chipakata Children’s Academy in Zambia, Africa,” Architect’s Newspaper, October 11, 2016

Architect’s Newspaper

Ryan Waddoups, “Aranda/Lasch Designs Custom Furniture for Chipakata Children’s Academy,” Interior Design, November 21, 2016

Interior Design




“Nothing is imposed; it’s all intrinsic to the process, as if the desert is given new life in the weaver’s hands.”

Maria Cristina Didero, “Meeting the Clouds Halfway,” 14 November, 2016


Expanded Field


Aranda\Lasch Camouflage View featured in Expanded Field

Ila Leslie Berman, Douglas Burnham. Expanded Field: Installation Architecture Beyond Art. ORO Editions/Applied Research & Design

Applied Research & Design



“It takes some tactical skills to survive in the desert.”

Sujata Burman, “Desert craft through the eyes of Aranda\Lasch makes for an exhibition with a twist,” November 14, 2016




“Terrol, Ben, and Chris give two fucks. Three, four, five.”

Ariela Gittlen, “Aranda\Lasch Is Collaborating with the Tohono O’odham Nation to Create Futuristic Baskets,” Artsy, October 13th, 2016




Wolhandler, Hally. “Limited Edition: Railing Series by Aranda Lasch.” Surface Magazine February 2016: 39.

Surface Magazine